About Us

AC Design & Event Co. was founded in 2016 to serve turn-key projects for both corporate and private events. Our mission is to create different and unique concepts while keeping client satisfaction and contentment as our priority. We are a young and energetic team that is focused on the “Big Picture” with an extreme dedication to details that shape a project. Although we are based in Istanbul we operate abroad as well as other cities in Turkey.


How we work?


First, we get together with our clients to start this special journey that leads to the event. Our objective at this stage is to get the brief and understand the client’s expectations and dreams. After this initial stage, we get together as a team and start the process.



We always aim high for the best possible outcome. We prepare a presentation that includes every possible detail from the invitation to the favor as well as the layout by AutoCad format all within the concept of the project. If necessary, we also provide the Project in 3D format.



This part serves for both parties to see in real life how the project details will come out. Because the demo is just a brief sample of the project itself, we aim to reach the final decision by receiving comments from all parties involved.



On the day of the event, we set up the event venue as a place where dreams come true with the diligence of an architect. We follow all the technical drawings step by step and all the files that include every single detail with meticulous attention. We deliver the venue to the client after our final touches.



As a team we manage the operation like a maestro including all the details from invitees’ arrival to their name checks as well as the flow of the evening schedule and light controls.